Thank you for your interest in the products and services of A Home Automation Sdn Bhd. All products purchased from A Home Automation Sdn Bhd has be given 1 years warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty period will stated in the sticker of product. Below are a few example for our products.

Every product purchased, got the date and year on our label (warranty label). The product that has been used for the period of use is broken during the warranty period, we are a replacement or our advantage. The service fee is also free.

Our warranty covers any fault or defect in the manufacture of a product or part as well as any installation error by our installation technicians.  The warranty does not cover:

• Work done by the home or business owner
• Work performed by another company or crew
• Misuse or abuse of equipment
• Equipment damage caused by forces of nature
• Equipment damage due to power surges or “dirty power

Return Policy

A Home Automation Sdn Bhd endeavors to make the return process as easy as possible for our customers.  If you have a faulty product or part, contact our service centre via whatsapp or call us on 012-6018778  for information on how to proceed with it. 

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